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Show News

We are extremely proud of our amazing boy.

CFA GC, NW, AW & TICA IW, SGC Coonalley On Safari of Alayna "Haji"

CFA's First National Winning Bengal Kitten !

Haji went on to become a TICA International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion all in the 2019 show season!

6 months of age

1 year of age

Alayna Bengals proudly presents our newest CFA's  REGIONAL WINNER

Grand Champion Alayna Moonshine

Sheena  is NAR's 9th Best Allbreed kitten 2019-2020. She is the daughter of our amazing boy

Coonalley On Safari

Alayna Bengals producing three generations of National Winners!

                       CFA Grand Champion, National Winner Alayna Roasted Chestnut "Chester"                                             is Regions 1-9 22nd Best Kitten and 3rd Best of Breed for 2021

Chester is the son of GC,NW Alayna Wow She's A Danika and grandson of

GC,NW,AW Coonalley On Safari of Alayna.  

We are proud to announce

GC,NW Alayna Wow Shes A Danika is CFA’S 17th Best Kitten R1-9, NAR’S 5th Best Kitten and CFA’S Best Of Breed Bengal Kitten for 2020.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Dani has followed in her fathers footsteps GC,NW,AW Coonalley On Safari of Alayna 17th Best Kitten R1-9, NAR’S 6 Best Kitten and Best of Breed Bengal Kitten 2019t

Wally had a GREAT Show Season!

CFA National Winning Kitten Regions 1-9 10th Best Kitten and Best of Breed Kitten

Grand Champion Alayna Black Walnut

TICA Supreme Grand Champion, INTERNATIONAL Winner, and Best Cat in the Mid Atlantic Region

Alayna God of Mischief "Loki"

CFA's National Winner and Best Of Breed Bengal 2022

Best Cat in The North Atlantic Region

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Regional Winner



2020 BEST OF Breed Bengal Kitten 9th Best International Kitten