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Alayna Bengals is a small cattery located in Malaga, New Jersey. We are a family with a lifelong love of cats! We are dedicated in the effort to produce healthy, beautiful Bengals that meet the standard for the breed as family companions and beautiful show cats! Our Bengals are home raised with our children and other pets to ensure they are well socialized, affectionate, and playful kittens with incredible personalities.

Alayna Bengals are award winning in both CFA and TICA. Our cats are registered and shown in both organizations and have consistently produced top winning bengals.

We are preservation breeders and dedicated fanciers, committed to produce cats of quality described in the breed standard. It is our goal to preserve and protect the legacy of the Bengal as we work moving the breed forward.

As we consistently show our cats to learn and improve, we know this is what sets us aside from the one that does not. We are proud to be preservation breeders.

Although showing is fun the real purpose of cat shows is to evaluate quality breeding stock in order to maintain the integrity of the breed. A winning cat has a good confirmation, structure and temperment which makes him or her more likely to produce quality offspring.

There is another important side to showing besides competition, shows allow us to network with breeders in many other breeds that have the same goal to produce happy, healthy cats that meet the standard for their breeds and to learn and share the most up to date health information that is available. Many shows offer health seminars with experts and veterinarians. The knowledge you obtain from the long time exhibitor "old timers" that you meet is invaluable.

Many breeders do health testing but without showing their cats in competition it is impossible to truly evaluate the qualities and negative traits in order to plan the best possible breedings. We are dedicated in this venture as a preservation breeder and are here to help and educate people who are interested in this spectacular loving breed The Bengal Cat.

We offer most of our bengal babies to loving pet homes but are willing to help new exhibitors in the show hall. Our cats are DNA tested and have echocardiograms at the appropriate age to help us to make the best decisions for our breeding program.

Our cats and kittens are raised on Life's Abundance to ensure they get the best possible nutritiion for a healthy life.


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Coonalley On Safari of Alayna "Haji"

CFA's First National Winning Bengal Kitten

Haji is from our first home bred litter of Bengals. He is a CFA Grand Champion and TICA Lifetime Acheivement ,International Winning Supreme Grand Champion. Haji is the foundation male in our breeding program and has produced many top winners.